What You Need To Know About The Possible Canada Post Lockout


Canada Post *could* be going on strike and lockout this Monday.

But, some mail will still be delivered.

Here’s what you need to know if it happens:

On the 20th of each month, government mail will be delivered.

What mail am I talking about? Child tax benefits, disability benefits, benefits for veterans, Old Age Security Pension, and Canada Pension Plan benefits.

What about EI cheques?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a guarantee these will be mailed. If you are on EI, the government urges you to set up a direct deposit for payment.

Do I still have to make payments to CRA?

Yes. You do. The Canada Revenue Agency says even though mail sent to or from the agency won’t be delivered, people will still be required to make payments on time.

Don’t sweat it though, you can do this online. For more information visit this website: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/menu-eng.html.

So, does this mean I still have to pay my bills?

Yes! Don’t forget to pay your bills. You may not receive them, but they still have to be paid on time. Most companies have online banking. I am encouraging you to call your phone, TV, and hydro companies to see how you can still pay your bills during a mail disruption.

The big question here is, what about online shopping?

You know how many things I’ve wanted to buy this week, but I’m too scared? What if it doesn’t come?

But, it depends on what company the store uses to ship orders.

According to Amazon, they are using alternate delivery carriers.

*I would hold off on online shopping for the time being because you can never be too sure!

The second biggest question here is, what is happening to our mail?

Nothing. Literally nothing. That birthday card you sent to your aunt today, yeah that one. It’s sitting in the Canada Post warehouse. But, don’t worry! It will be sent once Canada Post is back to work.

At least if the lockout does happen, our mailboxes won’t be jammed with flyers!


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News Anchor, Reporter and Show Host at an Ontario radio station.

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