In Love With Learning


I used to believe once I finished school real life would begin.

I would daydream about all the great events that would happen once I graduated.

Boy, was I wrong.

Schooling was just the very beginning of my education.

I love my job. Every single story is different. I’m constantly working to expand my mind and think of different story ideas.

Let me tell you, my knowledge in politics is a lot stronger now. Even though I learned it in college.

This job has taught me plenty of things already.

Some of these topics may seem boring, but I can promise you being in this industry is anything but boring. Every morning when I get to work I am always surprised at what my day will look like. Being a reporter is truly exciting.

Anyways. My point is, when I graduated college I thought I would be able to handle the daily stresses of life.

But in reality, I had absolutely no idea how to handle it.

I have no idea how to buy a car, a house or how to handle my finances.

Securing a mortgage? Don’t even ask me about that.

All of these things that I have no idea about, I am thankful for. Weird? Keep reading. I miss learning in school. So it’s nice that I’m constantly learning how to approach life and what to do in situations that I never had to deal with in high school. I’m exercising my mind on a daily basis in work, life, and love (Hi, Jean-Robert) all these things keep me engaged in the outcome of my own life.

If you think of your life like this, it may be easier. The school subject “Your Life” is an opportunity to work, educate and show self-improvement in your very own story.

Some days may be hard and challenging. But, my job constantly allows me to expand my mind from what I knew last month.

On a final note, keep your mind young! Pick up a new hobby, or research something that interests you! Learning is fun!


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News Anchor, Reporter and Show Host at an Ontario radio station.

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