International Women’s Day


I can still hear men and women mumble the words “that’s not for girls” and that is why I’ve decided today is my favourite day because it’s International Women’s Day and I’m a woman!

When I was younger I didn’t realize that my freedom of rights came from the women who fought for us.

I now know that if I grew up in a different time I wouldn’t be a journalist, I would be at home with my children cleaning, making sure the man of the house is happy.

I realize that I am incredibly privileged and have nothing to complain about, however since I am so privileged I have the time to think about my insecurities and I’m sure most people reading this do as well.

Although at this time all I have to deal with is insecurities, many women face bigger issues in the world. There is a lack of access to proper education, family planning facilities, safe homes and career opportunities in other places in the wold for women.

I think until every women has these things and more we still need International Women’s Day every year.

As you celebrate, remember that you’re celebrating because of working women, socialists and union workers who campaigned for the women today to get safer working conditions, and better pay.

Here’s to the women that everyone tried to silence.


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News Anchor, Reporter and Show Host at an Ontario radio station.

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